Email and SMS Marketing

Promote Your Brand with Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS are high tech marketing tools for businesses of all types. Promotion of business through these mediums has thrived recently. The solution of email marketing Florida and SMS marketing Florida enables business owners to reach out to wide audiences. The communication about products and services is carried out in a highly effective manner. It is a fact that more than 96% of the internet users have their personal email IDs and check them as soon as they surf into the internet. It is estimated that more than 98% of the SMS delivered to mobiles phones are read instantly. This proves the fact that email and text marketing Florida is very relevant in our marketing ventures

Email Marketing: A Targeted and Cost Effective Communication

Every email you send is a business opportunity as it is a medium to reveal your brand and products to potential customers. Compared to other advertising platforms like TV, News Paper and other print media, email marketing is a targeted medium to canvas potential buyers. Christian Ventures, the email marketing agency in Florida has an expert team to promote your email marketing campaigns successfully. Business promotion by means of email marketing consultant Florida is cost effective investment, with no costs for add space, printing or postage. Email Marketing invites customers to visit your website which will result in exposure and credibility of your brand.

Significance of SMS Marketing for Your Business

Exposure of your brand to most number of customers and increased number of sales are the result of SMS marketing. SMS marketing strategy to promote business is highly effective today because everyone carries their mobile phones with them and the SMS they receive are checked instantly. New products, product updates, new events, appointments and offers are a few things we can inform people directly to their cell phones.